Adding Contacts

If you already have a database of clients, you can import them to Feedback Magnet and it will automatically send out ‘feedback request’ as well as ‘follow up’ emails.

Feedback request email aims to ask your existing customers for feedback, while follow up email aims to remind them about the request. The content on those emails can be easily configured under Email Template > Invitation Email and Email Template > Follow Up Email. You can learn more about setting up email here.

Importing contacts can be done within seconds. Very easy! Simply go to Contacts > Manage Contacts. You can either add contact one by one manually, or upload them in .csv format.

If you decide to input them one by one, simply click on “Add Contacts”.

If you decide to upload the list, please make sure your csv file is formatted as follow. Total of two columns. First column for name, and the second column for email address. It should look exactly like the following.

Secondly, make sure it is saved as .csv file extension.

Once you have them ready, select upload csv.

Once the file uploaded successfully, your contacts will be displayed on the list. Initially, all contacts will be classified as “Not Yet Reviewed”. Ratings will be displayed once your customer provided rating and feedback.