Email Auto-Responder

Positive / Negative Feedback

This email will automatically send to email the customer filled on the reviews funnel page. Both positive and negative feedback email can be setup the same way. However, they are independent, which means you can display different content to customers with positive and negative customers.

Feedback Request

The ‘initial feedback’ email only applies if you imported a custom list of users onto this platform. You can import under Contacts > Manage Contacts. Click here to learn more about “import contacts”. The main purpose of this email is to invite those customers to your reviews funnel. This is a powerful feature for businesses who already have an existing database of customers with email address.

Follow Up Feedback

The follow-up feedback email will initiate X days after the ‘feedback request’ email.


  1. The ‘from address’ in your email
  2. The name displayed in your email
  3. The subject line for your email
  4. To attach an image (ie: coupon/voucher). Image must be hosted one external site.
  5. Content area for your email content.