Funnel Designer

The Feedback Magnet Funnel Designer allows you to design your funnel easily. You’ll find most features are ‘point & click’ and ‘drag & drop’ where you can customize effortlessly without having to know HTML/PHP/CSS. We also made it simple to add, delete, edit and style content blocks. Most changes reflect in real-time so you know exactly how the changes would look like before publishing.

You can access funnel designer by going to Funnel > Funnel Designer.

Within it, there are 4 tabs; Style Options, Landing Page, Positive Feedback Page and Negative Feedback Page. Each tab is designed to customize different elements and pages of the reviews funnel.

Style Options

This is where you will customize global settings of the entire funnel such as background color, content background color, submit button color and more.

Landing Page

This tab focuses on the landing page such as the


1.Site Subtitle – Can be anything but ideally for your business address.

3.Logo – Placement for your business logo (supported format: .jpg).
4.Storefront photo – A image that represents your business or store (supported format: .jpg).
5.Request employee name (optional) – Track performance of your employees.
6.Redirect after Review Submit (optional) – If this is active, customers will skip the positive reviews page and be redirected to Google+ page directly to leave a review.
7.Default Review – Default # of stars selected on the landing page (by default it is set to 4).


8.Review Threshold – This is where you define what ‘positive experience’ and ‘negative experience’ means to you. By default, we have set it to 4, which means anything that’s 4 or above, it is considered as a positive experience (and anything that’s below will be negative). Please note that the higher you set, the less ‘reviews’ get published on major platforms. We recommend leaving it at 4, but that’s up to you.
9.Message Title – Headline for the message you plan to put below it (ie: Thank you for visiting Joe’s Diner).
10.Message to Customer – A short message for your customers – usually to thank for customers for taking their time to visit this page with the intention of leaving a feedback. It could also be a message from the CEO or Manager.
11.Disclaimer (optional) – Field to input disclaimer.
12.Terms and Condition (optional) – Field to input short terms & conditions that your customers need to agree on before submitting. If this field is left empty, it will not display on the frontend.
13.Customer Consent Condition (optional) – Field to input a statement to obtain consent from your customers before submitting. If this field is left empty, it will not display on the frontend.
14.Custom Conditions (optional) – Field for additional conditions you want your customers to agree on before submitting. If this field is left empty, it will not display on the frontend (as shown now)

Positive Feedback Page


  1. Link a Location – This feature helps auto-populate all review site’s URL (that’s available) for your business. All it needs is your ‘Business Name and Address’.

It only works if your business have consistent address across all platforms such as Google+, Tripadvisor, Homestars etc.

  1. Message box – Message to your customers that will be displayed directly beneath your company logo.
  2. Show Review Site Instructions – Enable this option if you want to show instructions to your customers on how to leave a review on various review platforms.
  3. URL of the review platform – Direct URL of your Google+/Tripadvisor/Homestars reviews page.
  4. Monitor Reviews – Check this box if you want to monitor previous and new reviews on this platform. If not, leave it empty this platform will not be monitored and you will not receive alerts from it.
  5. Show as review selection – Check this box if you want this platform to be included as part of the selection on the ‘positive feedback page’. Otherwise, it will not be shown to your customers.

*You can select ‘monitor reviews’ and deselect “show as review selection” if all you want to is track/monitor/get notified of new reviews.

Negative Feedback


  1. Message box – Message to your customers that will be displayed right of the contact form.