Setting Up Your Profile

If you are a new user, the first thing we suggest doing is setting up your profile. This is important because it affects how your page title will be displayed, how you will be receiving reviews notifications and more.
To start, head over to the top right corner of the screen > hover over your name and click into “my profile”.



  1. Full Name – This should be your company name. It will be displayed on page title, copyright footer and other areas.
  2. Username – for login purpose
  3. Email (important) – the email that you will receive feedback/review alerts, password reset, performance reports and more
  4. Timezone – Used to display your reviews
  5. Phone Number – If you want to receive feedback / reviews notification, you will need to add a phone number
  6. Account Activity Report – You can choose receive performance report weekly or monthly basis
  7. Change your password